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Manufacturers Listing

Prolec GE Transformers

  • Leading manufacturer in power transformers up to 500 MVA.

  • Available in 1Ø or 3Ø, with rated voltage up to 550 kV.

  • Auto transformers, Step-Up Transformers and Reactors.

  • Testing services are available.

Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Soltech, LLC Lightning

  • Industry leader in smart solar lighting, with off-grid solar lights for roads,parking lots and freeways.

  • On-grid utility lighting options are available.

Emeryville, CA

Surge Suppression, Inc.

  • SPD units for AC / DC power, Data, Telco, Coax, Cell tower, and a range of custom units to fit your requirements.

  • From 5 V to 6.9 KV applications.

Brooksville, FL

X-Treme Power Conversion

  • Manufacturer of UPS, power distribution units, and portable cooling products.

  • 1Ø & 3Ø UPS units from 350VA to 60kVA, available in standby, line interactive, online, and isolated online topologies.

Denver, CO

ABB, Inc.

  • Medium Voltage AC Drives Induction & Synchronous Configurations.

  • Automation products, switching, limiting, switchgear, modular substation packages.

  • 2.3 KV-15 KV custom units are available.​

New Berlin, WI

AuCom, Inc.

  • Motor control specialists offering in-house  design, manufacturing and commissioning capability.

  • Solid State Soft Starters

  • 208V-15KV  |  5-30K HP

Freedom, PA

Controlled Power Co.

  • Variable transformers, voltage control equipment, power conditioning equipment & uninterruptible power supplies 

  • 1Ø & 3Ø UPS products.​

Troy, MI


  • Electrical Engineering & Service Company offers testing services to include ground resistance testing, power quality analysis & switchgear maintenance.

Holbrook, MA

Lyncole XIT Grounding

  • Lyncole XIT Grounding Systems offers electrolytic grounding equipment & soil resistivity analysis.

  • Complete ground system design services available.

Torrance, CA

  • Transformer & filters that inherently reduce harmonic distortion & eliminate neutral related problems.  

  • Low and medium voltage panel and VFD units are available.

Mirus International

Ontario, Canada

  • Power factor correction, SPD units, and harmonic mitigation and line reactors.

  • Low-voltage power factor correction capacitors and harmonic filters for a wide array of industries.


Sterling Heights, MI

  • Northeast Power Systems, Inc. offers medium voltage power capacitor banks & harmonic filter banks for electric power systems.

  • Medium voltage surge suppression up to 15 KV,

  • Power system studies available.

  • Shunt capacitor and harmonic filters.  


Queensbury, NY

  • 1Ø & 3Ø power conversion.

  • Static and rotary converter offered.

  • CNC PAC converters, voltage stabilizers and transformers available for a wide variety of applications.

Phase-A-Matic, Inc.

Palmdale, CA

  • The Philadelphia Electrical Equipment Company, custom manufacturer of switchgear systems, arc resistant & paralleling switchgear, energy management controls, system integration, retrofits & traction rail breakers.

  • ISO Certified, UL Listed, exceed Type 2A and 2B, ANSI/IEEE & NEMA arc flash standards.

PEECO Energy, Inc.

Aston, PA